Savanna (She/Her)

With an earlier background in ballroom dancing, weightlifting and strength training, I started my aerial journey in 2021. Initially, as a functional strength activity and complement to competitive bodybuilding, but also as a way to improve my mental health. 

After dealing with tremendous health complications, depression, anxiety, and also losing my sense of self in parenthood, it was so important that I found an outlet and hobby of my own. Aerial work was one of the only things I've ever done that has consistently made me feel a sense of pride in my strength and accomplishments! This sense of pride is so infectious I wanted to show it and share it with the world. I hope to give everyone a chance to see what they truly are capable of accomplishing or overcoming.


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SODO (Seattle)


Old Rainier Brewery
3100 Airport Way South Building 25 Suite 500, mailbox #20, Seattle, WA 98134

Apple Tree Plaza
13620 NE 20th St # G2, Bellevue, WA 98005

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